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9 pieces of universal headshells & cartridges keeper.

Plus 2 keep spaces for styli and other small turntable parts.

*Headshells nor cartridges, parts (in photo) are not included.


You can keep both single and double lock pin universal headshells.

(Please confirm your headshell is universal or not by yourself)

Keeper base is made of  Zelkova fine natural wood.

So each product may look a little different from the picture.

Equipped with a transparent plastic cover. 

Plastic cover may have slight damage including scratches.

Size: about about 345mm × 93 × 104 (WxDxH) mm    

Weight: about 500g - 560g

*Maximum headshell length is 70mm.

Made in Japan

Store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

 Condition:A brand-new



EMJ Zelkova headshell cartridge styli keeper 9SPC

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